Women's Health Month

In honor of #WomensHealthMonth 👏🏻 Our Founder @farmstarmary is feeling INSPIRED. 

Thank you to @marthastewart@janefonda, and others, proving that age is just a number. With good health, and a great attitude, you have everything! Life is all about glowing from within ✨

One thing that I am doing to take care of myself as I charge towards turning 56 this summer is weight training. I typically would do cardio in the past, but not so often the weights. However, I started understanding how my body really needed this – to fight osteoporosis, increase metabolism, my strength (especially upper body), and just to feel more 'fit.' Now, it's so much easier to pick things up around my home, feel more vibrant and just overall have more energy.

If you can go to a gym, I highly encourage to warm up with cardio and then spend your time with the free weights and machines. You'll speed up your metabolism, increase calorie burn (throughout the day as well), and also give yourself more muscle tone. The process will burn fat, too, so there's always that added bonus!

If you can't go to a gym, I highly encourage to use your own body weight to serve as resistance. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help you learn a few great moves that will benefit your legs, arms, and core / back.

If you are a true beginner and looking to use your body weight to build your legs, not hurt your knees, help your hips, this is a great one by two physical therapists.

If you start small and just get used to it, you'll find that over time it isn't that hard to keep it up. Then it becomes a nice healthy lifestyle that makes you just feel good – mind•body•spirit! And, if you want to have your best years ahead of you, then this will be an important part of making that vision a reality.

May we all be our best selves, and in our desired shape, mentally wise, sharp and positive. Future selves, here we come – and I'll meet you there!


  • Kara MarksPosted Jun 9, 20235:59 am
  • MariePosted Jun 9, 20234:13 am
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 9, 202312:27 am
    I'm getting a bike to help me improve my health.
  • Sandra DuenezPosted Jun 8, 20239:23 pm
    I need to exercise more~
  • Sunshine WrightPosted Jun 8, 20237:40 pm
  • Roger PodewellPosted Jun 8, 20236:57 pm
    not for me
  • Sally ToernerPosted Jun 8, 20236:40 pm
    I need to get started on exercising.
  • Toria S.Posted Jun 8, 202310:49 am
    Good advice!
  • Jo-Ann BrightmanPosted Jun 8, 20239:00 am
    Exercise is necessary for all of us.
  • Kara MarksPosted Jun 8, 20236:54 am
  • MariePosted Jun 8, 20234:28 am
    Self care is so important
  • Janice GriswoldPosted Jun 8, 20233:56 am
    this is what is most important to women everywhere
  • AudreyPosted Jun 8, 20232:50 am
    great article
  • David BirminghamPosted Jun 8, 20231:27 am
  • Sandra CuffeePosted Jun 8, 202312:56 am
  • Sandra CuffeePosted Jun 8, 202312:33 am
    plenty of water first thing in the morning
  • jeanette sheetsPosted Jun 7, 202311:54 pm
    u look amazing!!ty 4 shring this,i been ding cardio also but feel i should be doing the weights,
  • Kathleen WalshPosted Jun 7, 202310:33 pm
    Doing what I can
  • Vickie GalloPosted Jun 7, 20239:22 pm
    I think this would definitely build up my strength!
  • Ed RenniePosted Jun 7, 20237:42 pm
    Exercise is a good habit
  • Sally ToernerPosted Jun 7, 20237:10 pm
    I need to be exercising more.
  • Jari Holland BuckPosted Jun 7, 20237:02 pm
    We need good health YEAR round!!!
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 7, 20235:54 pm
    Exercise is the key!
  • Patricia DepoianPosted Jun 7, 20233:30 pm
    good to be a healthy woman
  • KATHRYN TEELPosted Jun 7, 20231:18 pm
    As women we need to take better care of ourselves we are always so busy taking care of everyone else.
  • Jo-Ann BrightmanPosted Jun 7, 20238:52 am
    I need to exercise more too.
  • Kara MarksPosted Jun 7, 20236:26 am
  • MariePosted Jun 7, 20234:28 am
    I need a lot more exercise
  • Sunshine WrightPosted Jun 7, 20232:09 am
    I need to workout
  • Tabitha OlsonPosted Jun 7, 20231:53 am
    Great info
  • Mark FischerPosted Jun 7, 20231:49 am
  • KarenPosted Jun 7, 20231:44 am
    Exercise is the key, especially weight training.
  • Sandra CuffeePosted Jun 7, 202312:10 am
    I needed this
  • Lynnette WatkinsPosted Jun 6, 20238:39 pm
    Great article
  • Maureen CPosted Jun 6, 20238:02 pm
    Thanks for including Bob & Brad, the 2 physical therapists. I enjoy their videos
  • AudreyPosted Jun 6, 20238:01 pm
    Awesome article
  • cherylPosted Jun 6, 20237:48 pm
    gives me motivation
  • Janice GriswoldPosted Jun 6, 20237:27 pm
    women,,,,take care of yourselves
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 6, 20237:06 pm
    You look great! Gives my the itch to get going again!
  • Fawn GeorgePosted Jun 6, 20236:18 pm
    Great muscles. I've been trying to exercise more often.
  • jane bennettPosted Jun 6, 20235:24 pm
    gotta get back into working out .. going slow
  • Pamela KeatePosted Jun 6, 202311:46 am
    Self care is very important as you age.
  • Toria S.Posted Jun 6, 20237:33 am
    I need to get into self care!
  • MariePosted Jun 6, 20234:24 am
    I need to take better care of myself
  • rajeePosted Jun 5, 202311:21 pm
    Love this These sound great!
  • Chris C.Posted Jun 5, 202310:05 pm
    Good health means al ot!
  • Kim terryPosted Jun 5, 20239:45 pm
    I would love to exercise and get healthier
  • mary rudyPosted Jun 5, 20237:15 pm
  • Sean GoldenPosted Jun 5, 20236:11 pm
    Keep it up.
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 5, 20235:32 pm
    I would love to be able to go back to the gym to improve my health.
  • Colleen DebsPosted Jun 5, 20232:39 pm
    Looks nice
  • Kathleen WalshPosted Jun 5, 20231:45 pm
    I am doing my best!
  • Estella OsorioPosted Jun 5, 20231:33 pm
    I need to get my health in check.
  • Matthew HelmyPosted Jun 5, 202311:52 am
    showing off her muscles
  • MariePosted Jun 5, 20234:16 am
    I'm trying to exercise more
  • Kelly LabrecquePosted Jun 5, 20232:11 am
    Seems to make sense
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 4, 20237:37 pm
    We should all support womens' health!
  • Gina MPosted Jun 4, 20235:29 pm
    I really need to incorporate more weight lifting!
  • Sunshine WrightPosted Jun 4, 20233:02 pm
    We need to take care of ourselves better.
  • Janet KPosted Jun 4, 202312:20 pm
    Exercise is fundamental to aging gracefully.
  • Paula S.Posted Jun 4, 202312:02 pm
    I know I need to do this. I just need to push myself to get started.
  • Tom BellamyPosted Jun 4, 202311:14 am
    I'm back into exercising!
  • Cheryl RossPosted Jun 4, 202311:12 am
    good article!
  • Cheryl RossPosted Jun 4, 202311:08 am
    Great article
  • MariePosted Jun 4, 20234:17 am
  • Michelle K.Posted Jun 4, 202312:26 am
    Exercise has been great for my overall health
  • Gloria CurtisPosted Jun 3, 202310:29 pm
    Exercise is also therapy for the soul!
  • Sunshine WrightPosted Jun 3, 20239:11 pm
    I need more exercise.
  • David OwenPosted Jun 3, 20236:20 pm
    good article
  • RUTH UTTERBACKPosted Jun 3, 20234:18 pm
    Exercise is good for the body a nd soul
  • MariaPosted Jun 3, 20233:50 pm
    I work out at the local Y almost every day and the improvements to my strength and knee health are noticeable
  • Karl DevenportPosted Jun 3, 20231:59 pm
  • Colleen DebsPosted Jun 3, 20231:09 pm
    Daily comments are hard
  • MariePosted Jun 3, 20238:40 am
    I need to exercise more
  • BrendaPosted Jun 3, 20233:03 am
    I could exercise more.
  • Jennylyn GrossPosted Jun 3, 20232:39 am
  • Lynn DanielsPosted Jun 2, 20238:51 pm
    Every day should concern women's health
  • Darla PeduzziPosted Jun 2, 20237:51 pm
    You're looking great! Exercise is good for the soul too.
  • Tina FleenorPosted May 30, 202311:52 am
    Great article
  • JeannieDPosted May 23, 202311:38 pm
    enjoyed this short article - especially the words "a nice healthy lifestyle that makes you just feel good" - I believe this is what everyone wishes for themselves.
  • JeannieDPosted May 19, 20237:24 pm
    I agree wholeheartedly with the concept of exercise = healthy body/mind. Now, if I could just keep the momentum going it would be fine.

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