Changing Seasons, Changing Your Mindset

The changing of the seasons serves to remind us that we must also take time to evaluate, reflect, and change course as life progresses. And what better way to honor the natural cycles of life than by letting go of what no longer serves us? Spas are one of the best ways to find healing in mind, body, and spirit, so we compiled a list of three spaces where you can recalibrate and shed some old patterns while reaching for newness and empowerment.

Photo Credit: Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farms – Tennessee

Located in the Tennessee Mountains, Blackberry Farms is a 4200-acre estate offering a plethora of activities aimed to declutter the mind. From guided meditation, mindful painting, and reflective journaling, you’ll find that each creative outlet eases the process of letting go.

Scenic and intentional, the backdrop of mountains and bountiful trees further assist in this resort’s healing potential.

Photo Credit: CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa

CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa – Arizona

Head over to CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa if you are seeking intentional downtime. The spa offers water-based services while mindful mixology classes focus on farm-to-table recipes for refreshing cocktails or mocktails. Wind down the day with reflective, gratitude journaling and a smudging ceremony meant to symbolize the burning away of negative energy. 

Photo Credit: The Golden Door

The Golden Door – California

The Golden Door is one of the top destination spas in the world. Located in San Marcos, California, it offers a range of classes including biofeedback for stress reduction, chakra meditation, breathing techniques, meditation, and tai chi. All sessions, group or private, focus on clearing the mind for optimal connectivity. Take your practice further by asking about their life coaching sessions, self-compassion meditation, and the shaman experience. Either way, you will feel cleansed and renewed!


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