Benefits of Bath Time

Some people feel that taking a bath is indicative of being self-indulgent, but it's not in the slightest! It's a great benefit to your health as well as your well-being. There are many reasons that you should skip the shower and hop in the bath tonight!

Bathing benefits:

1. Bath water enhances your hydration of the body overall, as it allows you to hydrate the body fully. Submerging yourself in water assists your body's hydration. If the water is hot, that's great, too, because it opens up the pores and allows you to perspire, which is helpful of eliminating toxins.

2. Feeling good boosts serotonin, making you feel even more happy. Warm water is a key to relaxing, making you feel better and soothes the nervous system. Perhaps that's why we typically say ... "aaaaaaah!"

3. Water adds pressure to the lungs, and your breathing may become deeper and more expansive in the lungs. This is helpful to the body, not to mention deeply relaxing. Also, the hot steam from a bath can help clear sinus and chest congestion.

4. The warmth of the bath improves blood circulation in the body, plus can relax tight muscles and help ease slight pain from conditions like osteoarthritis, reduce blood thickness and help your vessels flow better. Extra benefit? Can help headaches, too!

5. According to Pentucket Medical, associated with the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, taking a hot bath can help kill bacteria and help ease a cold, plus boost immunity. So, this winter season keep this in mind when you feel the sniffles coming on!

Don't forget that you can create the bath like you want it – through salts, fragrances, adding pillows and listening to music. Make it your own – and enjoy the bathing benefits for your health.

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