Dip Into Unique Services at Yovan Longevity & Health Resorts

Immersing yourself in a captivating environment, if only for a day or two, aids in fostering a feeling of peace and further assists with kickstarting a life of self-care. At the Yovan Longevity & Health Resorts, you will find a serene, elevated spa that offers an extensive list of hydro-therapies, including plunge tubs designed for specific ailments, as well as saunas, treatment rooms, and even extra amenities to help you truly take the plunge into a more mobile and energetic life.

The opportunity to have an Ayurveda experience must not be missed. At this healing-centered resort, there’s an entire floor dedicated to Ayurvedic services that are designed to heal, relax, soothe, and invigorate. I chose to experience the Abhyanga service, a relaxing body massage incorporating brusque movements incorporating a series of fragrant and therapeutic oils. This service is designed to help the lymphatic system remove toxins, consequently refreshing muscles. It also relieves fatigue, provides stamina, promotes sleep, and revitalizes the mind and body. I was informed that many hospitals in India offer these services for those seeking disease prevention, as it aids in increasing longevity and overall health. 

Immediately, the indoor pool had me at its ideal temperature for healing, repairing, and reinvigorating muscles. This path to self-care led to the reflexology pools where I plunged into hot and cold pools with raised rocks, a perfect way to wake up my legs and feet before making my way to the aqua bikes. Thanks to the natural resistance, my legs enjoyed the invigorating workout, energizing the rest of my day.

At the spa, I opted for the Dead Sea Clay Mask, which uses mud from the Dead Sea. It was stronger, more potent, and resulted in more tightening than any clay mask I’ve tried to this day. The aesthetician, Rachel, invited me into the spa waiting area, which is gorgeous and peaceful. I was taken into a room where red lights would soon help the clay dry and work its magic. The room itself, like the rest of the spa, is beautifully tiled and warm.

She covered my back with the warmed clay, spreading it throughout my back, and later my front. When it dried, it sucked up my skin in a way that made it look like an elephant’s skin. It was alarming, but I was assured my skin would look amazing once rinsed off in the hot multi-jet showers. It was! After a hot long shower, I used an organic moisturizer on my body, which allowed me to relax and enjoy my tighter, glowing skin. 

One of the hydrotherapies offered is a Hip Bath, which compelled me since sometimes my hips need some loving. As I frequently strength train, I always need extra recovery for this area of my body. In this therapy, I was immersed in a small tub with warm water up to my hips. This pulls more blood flow to the area, which helps the healing process. It was only a matter of ten minutes, and I instantly felt relief. 

Without question, Yovan Longevity & Health Resorts believes that health and well-being are about lifestyle, and cannot be approached as a quick fix. A visit to this unique location is bound to have a significant impact on your self-care routine. Allow yourself to take a journey to a more resilient you!


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    Help me with my stamina and fatigue.
  • Susan Marina Brown LanePosted Dec 31, 202211:58 pm
    I could probably use the massage.
  • MELISSA LOCKYERPosted Dec 31, 20228:20 pm
    looks so tranquil
  • DeBorah BoydPosted Dec 31, 20228:17 pm
    I would love to go to this health resort for sleep and get some serious rest.
  • WAYNE HEITMANPosted Dec 31, 20228:15 pm
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    very pretty
  • Melissa GriffinPosted Dec 31, 20227:40 pm
    I've always wanted to do something like this!
  • JeannieDPosted Dec 31, 20228:26 am
    I would love to experience these wonderful offerings. I can easily imagine being pampered like that.
  • Renee SignorelliPosted Dec 31, 20222:55 am
    This sounds so wonderful!
  • KeoshaPosted Dec 31, 202212:59 am
    Self care I love it
  • Barbara LimaPosted Dec 30, 202210:01 pm
    I don't think I like brusque movements in a massage.
  • MELISSA LOCKYERPosted Dec 30, 20228:48 pm
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    Looks very mellow
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  • VICKIE J HEITMANPosted Dec 29, 202212:16 am
    Looks very relaxing and peaceful
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    I'm relaxed just looking at the pictures lol
  • JaraPosted Dec 28, 20226:07 pm
    Oh I'm intrigued by the lymphatic massage! I think we could all use that regularly!
  • Corey BalabanPosted Dec 28, 20222:35 am
    I would definitely love to visit one day!
    • George DowneyPosted Dec 28, 20226:09 pm
      Nice,need to visit there soon.
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  • Corey BalabanPosted Dec 27, 20221:34 am
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  • Barbara LimaPosted Dec 26, 202210:37 pm
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    wow, this would be so amazing! I almost lost my husband this year. He spent 197 days in the hospital, to say I had stress would be an understatement! Thanks so much for the chance!
  • Michele G.Posted Dec 20, 20222:20 pm
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  • Michael HPosted Dec 20, 20221:10 pm
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    Perfect for the mind and body!!
  • C.O.Posted Dec 17, 202211:50 pm
    Thank you for confirming what I've heard in that hydro therapy is so beneficial, especially for those that have joint, muscle or chronic conditions in which this would perhaps provide relief. I'm impressed with your experience and am curious if the ... errr... less fit person might also see such great results at all/in such little time. Thank you.
  • Barbara LimaPosted Dec 17, 202211:26 pm
    Love the water!
  • Joanne SchultzPosted Dec 17, 202211:25 pm
    Sounds wonderful!
  • densiePosted Dec 17, 20228:52 pm
    Red light lamp looks relaxing
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  • Sara AlvaroPosted Dec 17, 20223:45 pm
    My mind is blown.
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    I'm ready to head there now!
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  • AprilPosted Dec 17, 202212:37 am
    What a beautiful place to focus on some self-care….delve into Ayurveda.
  • Amber RatisseauPosted Dec 16, 202211:13 pm
    Looks very relaxing@
  • Susan TurnerPosted Dec 16, 20228:35 pm
    massage would be nice
  • Rebekah RanesPosted Dec 16, 20225:56 pm
    Can I come now?! 😍
  • Rebekah RanesPosted Dec 16, 20225:53 pm
    Wish I could go!
  • Tiffany BrownPosted Dec 16, 20224:25 pm
    Oh I want to go! That mosaic in the hydrotherapy room is incredible.
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  • Barbara LimaPosted Dec 16, 20221:44 pm
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  • John FryPosted Dec 15, 20225:48 am
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    You look very fit. Perfect environment for a fitness enthusiast like me too
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  • Michelle GonzalezPosted Dec 14, 20223:50 pm
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  • Susan P.Posted Dec 14, 20229:03 am
    My daughter would love this.
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    I could def. use this. The hydro therapy & massage would be so beneficial & enjoyable.
  • John FryPosted Dec 14, 20225:25 am
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    Looks really nice.
  • Tamra PhelpsPosted Dec 14, 20222:22 am
    I had sepsis several years ago that left me with nerve damage so I'm always interested in finding out about different treatments that increase blood flow or help mobility issues. This place sounds really interesting.
    • marybPosted Dec 14, 20224:29 pm
      Oh no! So sorry to hear that! The underwater bike was the most rejuvenating experience! The increase in blood flow was incredible! It's definitely a must try!
  • Lynnette WatkinsPosted Dec 14, 20222:18 am
    Love the pool
  • John FryPosted Dec 13, 202211:20 pm
    Looks great.
  • Marie PowellPosted Dec 13, 202210:43 pm
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  • Soraya MPosted Dec 13, 202210:41 pm
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  • John FryPosted Dec 11, 20225:17 am
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  • John FryPosted Dec 8, 202211:24 pm
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  • Karen SmithPosted Dec 7, 20229:19 pm
    so many thing to try

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