Eight Unique Resorts to Celebrate MOM (and Yourself!)

Sagra Hill Farm

Enjoy this picturesque escape! Take in all the mountain views at this peaceful historic inn. This pet friendly property includes an onsite farm, hiking trails along a trickling river and amazing farm-to-table cuisine. Each room or cottage features unique decor created by local artists. Forget about the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life while on this gorgeous countryside.


Stay in any of this resort's Cliffehouses and soak in the view from your personal terrace, or become one with nature in their extravagant Desert Yurts. Pamper yourself at the soul-relaxing spa at The Spa at Sagecliffe, offering massages, facials, or body wraps. Experience outdoor adventure including some of the best salmon and trout fishing you can find amidst this landscape like no other at one of the Northwest’s finest resorts.


For over 25 years The Raj has led the field in Ayurveda treatments. By accepting only 15 guests at a time, The Raj maintains the highest quality of individualized service and treatment. The Raj offers only authentic Ayurvedic treatments. In fact, their training and treatment protocols were overseen by India’s top Ayurvedic physicians and under the direct guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Their powerful, yet luxurious Ayurvedic treatments work together synergistically to remove deeply embedded toxins, while bringing balance to the entire physiology. The perfect way to restore and find your inner tranquility.


You'll love the charm of this beautiful resort nestled among the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains. This mountaintop luxury resort offers fine European-style elegance combined with effortless mountain living to create a haven from the ordinary. Crest the mountain and discover a resort where serenity and relaxation are the order of the day. The guest rooms, suites, cottages and Highlands NC cabin rentals are each unique and feature stunning appointments, with period antiques and Italian bedding to create a sumptuously graceful ambiance. Even returning guests find themselves delighting in the different locations and décor that can be found here.


Unplug with a stay at The Marsh, located in Minnetonka. This luxury wellness resort offers a range of amenities and services designed to promote health, relaxation, and rejuvenation. While they do have a state-of-the-art spa, it is not the only focus of the property, as they go even further to help you acheive optimal health and your ultimate well-being.

With stunning views of the surrounding landscape and a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, The Marsh offers a unique and refreshing retreat experience. In addition to traditional spa treatments, they offer fitness classes, nutritional counseling, and wellness coaching – the perfect way to get your health and wellness where you want it to be.

Mohonk Mountain House 

Founded by the Smiley Family in 1869, this Victorian castle resort is nestled in the Hudson Valley, only 90 miles north of New York City. Surrounded by 40,000 acres of pristine forest, this National Historic Landmark resort offers farm-to-table cuisine and an award-winning spa. The perfect retreat to feel like you're a world away from the stresses of city life!

The Lakehouse Inn

The Lakehouse Inn is a charming and distinctive property situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Erie. This boutique retreat offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, providing guests with an idyllic escape from everyday life. With its beautiful location and a focus on personalized experiences, The Lakehouse Inn stands out as a unique destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Mountain Grand Lodge 

Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa in Michigan is a unique and inviting resort nestled in a picturesque location. With its tranquil setting surrounded by natural beauty, this property offers a memorable getaway for guests seeking relaxation and adventure. The resort combines modern comforts with a touch of rustic charm, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy.


  • Susan P.Posted May 31, 20238:43 pm
    These are all great choices!
    • Juliana JacksonPosted May 31, 202311:37 pm
      Love any of these!
  • Lisa LawtonPosted May 31, 20238:35 pm
    The Mohonk Mountain House is amazing!! I have been a few times.
  • sherri chastainPosted May 31, 20236:33 pm
    Mother's day resorts
  • DanVPosted May 31, 20233:09 pm
    This all looks so relaxing
  • Susan Marina Brown LanePosted May 31, 20238:29 am
    Wow! Any of these would be a very special trip!
  • M LPosted May 31, 20236:14 am
    This sounds like heaven.
  • JuliePosted May 31, 20231:20 am
  • patricia caradonnaPosted May 30, 20236:24 pm
  • Brandon SparksPosted May 30, 20237:38 am
    Oh wow.. Just so amazing..
  • gloria schultePosted May 29, 202311:48 pm
    looks wonderful!
  • Jeff BradshawPosted May 29, 20239:12 pm
    looks very relaxing
  • Diane SloanPosted May 28, 20238:19 pm
    looks so relaxing. just what we need so much!
  • Cynthia DPosted May 28, 20234:32 pm
    Moms deserve the best!
  • Carla DyePosted May 28, 20233:29 pm
    I would love to visit one of these.
  • Tina FleenorPosted May 28, 20232:20 pm
    They look so inviting and restful
  • NancyPosted May 27, 20237:38 pm
    Love seeing imagines of beautiful places. 😍
  • SHARON KAUFMANNPosted May 27, 202311:30 am
    I would love to go to The Raj for Ayurveda treatments for my kids and myself. I would actually love to visit all of these locations they all look incredible.
  • Kelly M.Posted May 26, 202310:28 pm
    I would love to try the Ayurvedic treatments at The Raj.
  • RyanPosted May 26, 20231:35 pm
    Love it
  • PatsyPosted May 26, 20231:01 am
    What I nice variety of resorts
  • Patricia MormilePosted May 23, 202310:50 pm
    Looks AMAZING!
  • Jane KriebelPosted May 23, 202310:39 pm
    These places sound fantastic !
  • BARBARA TRYONPosted May 23, 20238:14 pm
    Absolutely Incredible
  • TamaraPosted May 21, 20238:42 pm
    The OLD EDWARDS INN AND SPA sounds so beautiful
  • Ryan WyckoffPosted May 21, 20234:59 pm
    Awesome article! 💯🤙
  • Sally ToernerPosted May 21, 20234:50 pm
    I would like to visit Old Edwards Inn and Spa.
  • Laureen StHilairePosted May 21, 202310:33 am
    Looks so relaxing! This is something we all need.
  • Sylvia SvihelPosted May 21, 20239:02 am
    They all look so relaxing!
  • Nancy WhitakerPosted May 21, 20232:05 am
    The Lakeside Inn looks wonderful
  • Kimberly FlickingerPosted May 21, 20231:37 am
    I know my mother would enjoy one of these locations .
  • Michael CoovertPosted May 20, 20238:08 pm
    My mother would definitely love to relax at these resorts.
  • Jackie DiprimoPosted May 19, 202312:30 pm
    Would love to visit Old Edward's Inn and Spa!
  • Bob WernerPosted May 18, 20234:03 pm
  • LonnePosted May 18, 20236:31 am
    this is what I missed all my life
  • justin orkinPosted May 17, 20237:28 pm
    Thanks again!
  • JeannieDPosted May 17, 20235:39 pm
    The Marsh sounds like a place I would absolutely love to visit. Tell us more...
  • CharmainePosted May 17, 20234:14 pm
    Love, Love, Love it!
  • Debra HaefnerPosted May 17, 20235:09 am
  • JessePosted May 17, 20233:20 am
    My idea of pampering sounds like the Old Edwards Spa and Inn. Luxurious bedding, amazing food and scenic views? Sign me up already!
  • DeBorah BoydPosted May 16, 20235:06 pm
    Thanks for sharing...love the resorts!
  • justin orkinPosted May 16, 20234:58 pm
    Old Edwards would be my mom's favorite
  • Julie NelsonPosted May 16, 20233:36 pm
    Wish I could take miy late Mother to this spa
  • SamanthaPosted May 16, 20232:08 pm
    Happy mother's day resorts
  • Darlene AlexanderPosted May 16, 20231:45 pm
    Any one of them is a dream come true.
  • Annalisa Kraft-LinderPosted May 16, 202311:57 am
    Any of these look amazing
  • BrucePosted May 16, 202310:45 am
    great resort
  • Jo-Ann BrightmanPosted May 16, 202310:28 am
    It is hard to choose just one resort.
  • MariePosted May 16, 20234:30 am
    Nice !
  • Toria S.Posted May 16, 20234:18 am
    Becoming a mom has been surprisingly the best thing I've done in my life!
  • deb pelletierPosted May 16, 20232:25 am
    Looks interesting.
  • Janet TackerPosted May 16, 20231:14 am
    So need this
  • Mare RozzellePosted May 15, 202311:55 pm
    Send me to The Old Edwards Inn and Spa!
  • SabrinaPosted May 15, 202311:48 pm
    Definitely some good ideas for next year. My mom would absolutely love some of these.
  • Debbie PleshaPosted May 15, 202310:52 pm
    This would be a very nice treat for mom!
  • Joan FrostPosted May 15, 202310:27 pm
    Sage life looks amazing
  • ChrisPosted May 15, 20238:50 pm
  • AnitaPosted May 15, 20238:02 pm
    I would love to experience all these beautiful resorts
  • Jack KellerPosted May 15, 20237:37 pm
    The Old Edwards Inn and Spa rocks!
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 15, 20237:06 pm
    Wouldn't be such a bad idea for me!
  • karen humphriesPosted May 15, 20234:29 pm
  • Jan GaskellPosted May 15, 20234:26 pm
    Love this place.
  • christine burdPosted May 15, 20234:14 pm
    Quite the variety of resorts
  • Patricia DepoianPosted May 15, 20233:35 pm
    good for any day
  • Marlene CantuPosted May 15, 20232:37 pm
    sounds so amazing
  • Martha BakerPosted May 15, 20232:13 pm
    Old Edwards Inn and Spa is exactly what I need
  • Colleen DebsPosted May 15, 20231:26 pm
    Interesting places
  • Sally ToernerPosted May 15, 20231:23 pm
    The Marsh sounds interesting.
  • Vicky AnthonyPosted May 14, 202312:33 am
    I would love to win like and share
  • marybPosted May 12, 20232:35 pm
    Great article !

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