Truly immersing yourself in a Detox program would not be the same without rejuvenating your mind•body•spirit. Cartesiano 360 has this all carefully orchestrated in their Detox & Rejuvenation program, and the medical team and wellness staff took the time and the extra steps to make sure that everything that would be beneficial for my own unique restorative goals, as well as accommodated anything that might prove sensitive to me (a bout of vertigo from time to time), would be taken into consideration.

The spa services were designed to be a daily part of my stay as they are a key part of the program. Upon arrival to this gorgeous resort in the cultural, charming city of Puebla, MX (also known to be one of the most European style and safe cities of Mexico), Cartesiano 360 welcomed me with scents of aromatherapy to determine my most favorite. These would be lighltly sprayed on pillows and accompany wellness and mindfulness messages to be left in my room every evening, a beautiful and elegant touch. 

The spa itself is comprised of two separate areas. The first area - the main spa area - is a gorgeous, traditional style spa that you enter on their beautiful rooftop, which also has the pool, chic restaurant and hi-tech boutique fitness area (overlooking the city skyline as well as pool). The spa is rimmed with beautiful plants, trees and herbs on the rooftop, where many of the ingredients for the spa services are hand-picked, such as lavender or chamomile, and others. The spa has multiple hot tubs, steam area and the rooms are tasteful and welcoming. This spa offers the traditional services such as body treatments, wraps, massages and facials. 

Here I had a detoxifying lymphatic body massage beautifully executed by one of their many well-trained, caring staff members, which proved to be a soothing service, as well as therapeutic. Then, following this was a honey body treatment, where the body is massaged and then covered in warm, silky honey sourced from the local area. The honey does not feel sticky but rather smooth and silky, and it is rubbed and worked across the body, exfoliating, detoxing, and adding all of these natural, potent ingredients to make your skin moisturized, smooth and radiant. 

The second part of the spa is the Gharieni floor, featuring state-of-the-art technology in the form of spa beds, and services that are a cut above the rest (indeed). The first bed that was part of my program was the QUARTZ, which allowed me to melt into energetic, soothing, healing quartz crystals that are kept at 120 degrees. You literally lie on this one of a kind bed, while you listen to sound bowls (Tibetan) that are placed across different meridian points of your body. While this is happening, the chromotherapy is lighting the room in shades of purple, blue, green, yellow, also offering their own methodology of healing your energetic centers. The body is massaged on top of the crystals, protected by a sheet, so that when you’re actually buried (as in your arms, legs), you feel a warm unique sensation that is different than anything I’ve experienced. It’s almost as if you were being buried by sand, without getting dirty, while being massaged and detoxed! Bowls are actually played while on you, resonating throughout your body. An incredible sensation!

Another Gharieni bed was truly for Detox. It was one that would enclose your body (not your head), and heat up as an infrared sauna would. While your body is becoming hotter and hotter, your head is massaged, your face is rubbed gently with cool Quartz. Afterwards, you’re given clay to rub on your body, and then rinse. 

This is not the only Gharieni offerings, as there is one specifically designed for those needing greater sleep, as it was initially developed to assist those with PTSD who then suffered with insomnia. This bed relaxes and deeply restores the body, also lulling it into a deep sleep, which would typically take 70 - 90 minutes. This happens here in only 15 minutes. Doing this daily, at a repetitive time, actually changes the body rhythm and helps people get back into sleep. Another bed is actually a chair, which deeply penetrates the muscles, massages the body and breaking down the cellulite. This can really transform the body, and after repetitive sessions, you can and will see a difference. 

What I loved about the spa services the most, were the technicians. And, I must share that I had a Thai Massage that might have been the best I have ever experienced. It included some of the most amazing techniques, moves and muscle-relaxing aspects that I’ve had to date – and I have had a lot of massages over the decades! 

Overall, the Cartesiano 360 is not just a resort, it is one that embodies the real meaning of the word ‘wellness,’ and I have no doubt you’ll experience the same level of outstanding service and attention to detail that I had. If you have any questions, email me anytime at … I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have! 


  • Diane HetzerPosted Mar 26, 20235:24 pm
    Who wouldn't enjoy receiving such destressing care! Sounds great.

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