VIDEO: The path to renewal unfolds before you. Follow this remote dirt road with its unobstructed views of the ocean to the remote, unique eco-resort known as The White Lodge!


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  • LAURIE ARNHEIMPosted Jan 26, 20238:53 pm
    I could easily spend a week here! SERENE!!!
  • RICHARD GUGULAPosted Jan 22, 202311:33 pm
    Long way down without guard rails on that roadway...
  • mary tharpPosted Jan 19, 202312:33 pm
    Love the ocean.
  • Peggy Sue GrecoPosted Jan 18, 20239:58 pm
    I have always found the ocean to calm refresh your psyche of body and mind.
  • Tamara WoodruffPosted Jan 18, 20234:27 am
    I miss the ocean.
  • Barbara Drabek DoylePosted Jan 16, 20233:28 am
    love listening to the water
  • Marilyn FontenotPosted Jan 14, 202311:34 pm
  • Lori WilliamsPosted Jan 14, 20237:58 pm
  • Alice MorrisPosted Jan 14, 202312:14 am
    show me the way
  • curtis silverPosted Jan 13, 20239:38 pm
    love it
  • Nancy HuttPosted Jan 13, 20235:19 am
    Reminiscent of Baja California
  • Glenda ToppsPosted Jan 12, 20237:24 pm
    I dream of walking on the beach
  • Sandra CuffeePosted Jan 12, 20232:46 pm
    BEUTIFUL Calming blue water
  • Tammy WilhidePosted Jan 11, 20233:50 am
    That is a beautiful place.
    • Darlene HazeltonPosted Jan 11, 20239:04 pm
      not something i would like
  • Ruben ValdezPosted Jan 10, 202311:44 am
    How peaceful
  • Charles Stephen SmithPosted Jan 10, 202311:43 am
    This is a cool video!
  • Deborah WernettePosted Jan 10, 20231:54 am
    pure bliss!
  • James ZaharakoPosted Jan 8, 202312:12 pm
    ocean is always great
  • Carol MarshallPosted Jan 7, 20231:52 pm
    Wide open healthy air is gorgeous! I feel like I would love to walk a mile there every morning.
  • Elijah GrammerPosted Jan 7, 202310:47 am
  • KimPosted Jan 7, 20234:14 am
  • Melody WessonPosted Jan 6, 202312:09 pm
    Beautiful and relaxing
  • BobbiePosted Jan 5, 20233:36 am
    Show me more
  • KimPosted Jan 5, 20232:11 am
    Wish I was there
  • Rana DurhamPosted Jan 4, 20237:39 am
    white lodge is gorgeous and looks like it has many adventures to do.
  • John SciarrinoPosted Jan 3, 202311:39 pm
    Beautiful beach
  • Alice MorrisPosted Jan 3, 20234:43 pm

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