7 Must-Have Crystals and Their Benefits

Crystals have different healing properties and finding the one that is best for your intentions is the most important factor. Here are some of the crystals that will help you to be present and in the moment:


Burst out of that negative thinking pattern with Obsidian. This stone is known for absorbing irritability, tension, and increases self-awareness of thoughts. It is also a grounding stone, and when worn, helps defend your aura from unwanted influences. The perfect stone to ward off any of those moods – or thoughts – that can get you feeling down.


Pair Obsidian with this positivity filled crystal, Citrine, for a perfectly balanced meditation. This sunny energy crystal radiates positivity and optimism, and it is known for clearing negative blockages, instabilities, and idleness. Who knows? An extra boost of happiness may ensue as well.

Black Tourmaline

Talk about absorbing negativity, Black Tourmaline is a prefect crystal to have around to protect yourself from the internal and external negativity that undoubtedly bump up against us in everyday life. Keep out these influences – and the brain fog – while meditating with this grounding stone.


Restore the balance within yourself with Malachite. This crystal assists to break out of autopilot mode and tap into your authentic self without judgment. If you’re someone who represses thoughts or emotions, this stone will help bring those to the surface; and while this might not sound appealing to some, this provides an opportunity for you to resolve issues and allow for your own personal growth. And isn't that what life is about?

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an amazing well-rounded crystal and is a must-have for a crystal “tool box”. It is typically used as a meditation enhancer. This allows you to have a calm, clear, and collected mind during a meditation session. Clear Quartz is also a great crystal for the Crown Chakra - which promotes overall balance and harmony to the mind•body•spirit. 


The stone of clarity, AKA Calcite, is so powerful with enhancing awareness. Helping to clarify the mind and transferring stagnant energy, Calcite improves concentration. It is a meditation essential and an amazing stone for clearing negativity and pulling in peace. This stone has many different colors, the most common being clear, pick the color that speaks to you the most.


To round out our meditation crystal essentials, our last crystal is a stone that has history that goes back for generations. Turquoise is amazing at repairing physical, mental and spiritual health. Turquoise assists with overcoming harmful behavior habits specifically with being a “people-pleaser”. Accept your truth and allow yourself to live in the present without any hesitation by incorporating Turquoise into your meditation routine.

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