Yhi Spa Meliá Punta Cana Beach

Named after the Aboriginal female creator spirit, YHI Spa at Meliá Punta Cana Beach is excited to introduce guests to an exclusive experience. Here, a mixture of ancient traditional relaxation meets a modern ambiance resulting in comfort and overall wellbeing.

Their meticulously designed spa treatments and rituals use natural ingredients and take advantage of sourcing regionally, in turn providing sources of income for the communities of the Dominican Republic. Two such services are the cacao treatment and larimar massage.

Cacao Service

One of the most aromatic treatments at Yhi Spa smells like childhood—chocolate! Making use of regionally sourced cacao, which is mostly grown in the Northeastern region of the island, guests would be remiss not to try the cacao scrub. It’s a whole process that begins with warm tea meant to relax mind and body. The treatment involves a full body envelopment of the invigorating scrub, which has fantastic benefits. The finely ground beans help smooth skin and improve texture, while the high antioxidant content of the beans helps protect cells from oxidation. After the treatment, guests are ushered to an outdoor shower and then enveloped in an insulated wrap mean to leave skin supple. Ultimately, one of the best things about the cacao service is that you’ll leave smelling amazing!

Larimar Massage 

Larimar is a stunning turquioise stone with gentle white lines etching throughout its surface. The word means “clear communication and inner wisdom.” Locally, it is considered a powerful stone that combines the energies of water and fire, and is mined in Barahona City, Dominican Republic. 

The Healing Therapy is an exceptional massage using this unique stone. Guests will be immersed in a relaxation experience meant to instill peace, love, and serenity by way of harmonizing the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakra. Using larimar stones to induce chakra restoration aids in relieving muscle tension, and reduces stress and anxiety. Not only will you take a souvenir of the Dominican Republic, but you will also take a treasured piece of the island in your heart. 


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