Colorado Aromatics

These Colorado Aromatics face and body mists don't just smell amazing, they actually have skin healing properties too! They tone, hydrate and refresh the skin. Each product is grown and handmade onsite by the owners. They are naturally pH balanced to skin so help restore your skin’s natural pH. Try them after exercise to refresh, or on irritated skin. This is a great spray to use as an aftershave spritz too.

Use on the face as a facial toner or all over the body (even linens). Spritz your hair before brushing to smooth the cuticle, soften hair and decrease frizz. Use directly on linens (lavender for a good night’s sleep). Use on airplanes for hydration.  Spritz lavender to calm yourself during a rough day at work or mint to stay alert.

Price: 1oz $6.00 | 2oz $8.50


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  • Elaine BollingPosted Dec 29, 20221:48 am
  • DenisePosted Dec 27, 20223:30 am
    The misting products are fabulous!
  • Dana PerduePosted Dec 23, 202210:28 pm
    I'd love to win and try themId love to win and try them!
  • joanPosted Dec 18, 202211:34 am
  • JeannieDPosted Dec 18, 20229:17 am
    Love these sprays. In the summer I put them in the refrigerator and when I spray them on it feels like heaven. I use them throughout the day. I always have at least one on hand.
  • JeannieDPosted Dec 18, 20221:12 am
    I love the face and body mist products - especially in the summer. They are so refreshing.
  • Diane BaumPosted Dec 17, 202212:44 am
    My skin begs for this

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