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Flying into Mexico City to visit Cartesiano 360 was a breeze! After a movie and some emails, I arrived in this bustling destination and found my way through customs in a snap. With luggage in hand, I was greeted by Javi, the dedicated and friendly driver for Cartesiano 360. We headed off to Pueblo, a drive that was uneventful but allowed for browsing the varying landscapes of Mexico. Outside of Mexico City were homes in every direction, practically stacked on top of each other with the contrast of nature and the volcanoes in the distance. A dramatic entrance to what would soon be the beautiful and historical gem of a city, Puebla. 

Puebla, like many parts of Mexico, is safe to travel to provided that you use the same common sense precautions as you would when traveling anywhere in the world. Furthermore, a lot of travel guides refer to Puebla as being one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Higher than Denver, Puebla is a gorgeous cultural mecca that offers inspiration, arts and culture. The city has a European flair, as it was initially inhabited by Spain. The 150 gorgeous cathedrals, towers glistening in the light and beautifully featured below the stars in the evenings, are breath-taking. And, there are a couple that I toured (see the Excursions articles coming soon in Find Your Zen!) are truly a must-see. As is the library, the oldest one in the Americas, entrusted to the safekeeping of books from our civilization's heroes including Plato, Socrates, Newton, as well as historical works in Latin, Greek, Arabic, and every other language from now to the beginning of manuscripts. Not to mention the beautiful cafés lining the quarter, which was reminiscent to me of my home turf New Orleans, Louisiana, with its streetcars lining the square, awaiting those who are excited to tour further into this old world.

Just on the outskirts of the bustling Pueblo square itself lies Cartesiano 360. Upon arrival, I was offered aromatherapy scents to choose for my nightly tuck-down service. In fact, I would soon discover that gifts of respite would be left on my bed nightly, offering a way to wind down to something unique, special – which is exactly how the entire property is. 

Daily schedules are provided to you so that you can see exactly what lies ahead. Based on your individual preferences as to which wellness program you’d most like to follow - Detox & Rejuvenation, Circadian Rhythm, , spa services, wellness classes, cuisine options and specialties are customized just for you. I selected the Detox & Rejuvenate program, as I felt the excess from the holidays still hard to shake, and a bit more guidance and TLC while trying to recalibrate my system would be just what the doctor ordered. 

Speaking of doctors, I had a meeting with the resident Dr. Alex Manos who took my vitals and reviewed my health & wellness questionnaire with me. Prior to my arrival, I had filled out a detailed questionnaire that helped the medical staff determine what might be best of me, and then my specific needs were communicated to all spa technicians and wellness providers so that they could accommodate exactly what I needed to make it most comfortable. We touched on circadian rhythms, bodily functions at different points of the day, and how my natural body clock dictates my world. Tips as to when to eat and not, to nap or not, to have caffeine or not, etc., helped shape how I should live my days to have my best health. This was a great way to get indoctrinated into what would transpire during my stay. 

Being that I am into spirituality and the traditions of ancient civilizations, especially those indigenous to the area I visit, I agreed to an Orientation (as well as a Farewell) ceremony. This would take me through an introspective process while being gently guided by their resident Wellness Director Ollin. He explained to me elemetns of nature, Mayan culture, and allowed my my own freedom while I enjoyed the richness of the experience. 

This ceremony led to a day filled with breakfasts on the outside rooftop patio, overlooking the skyline – and volcano, while enjoying the most tasty, fresh from the farm foods. These often included homemade Kombuchas, Kefirs, wellness shots (delicious concoctions with ginger or turmeric, celery, greens, etc.), as well as Mexican cuisines cooked healthily and filled with flavor. I was offered the option to have anything from the menu, but most often I followed the wellness program suggestions, which worked great for me. 

The spa services included some that were among the best I have ever had world-wide. One specifically involved the Gharieni technology, and its premium, ground-breaking Quartz bed. Only thing I can say is that this service was worth the trip itself! The bed is filled with energetically charged Quartz crystals (little larger than sand), heated and soothing your body from inflammation, stress and fatigue, as the rim of the bed changes colors with chromotherapy. Your body is massaged on top of it, yet you aren’t getting any of the Quartz actually on your skin due to the silky sheet between the crystals and your body. You’re then slightly buried under a layer of the 'sand,' while being massaged with the Quartz. Pure heaven! Tibetan bowls waft across your body, literally placed on your body, allowing you to feel the full range of vibrations permeate your system. It’s in a word – magical. 

More spa services using these unique beds – that detox, that break down cellulite,  that help you sleep are available, and all will be provided if it suits your program goals. Read more about the incredible spa services there in Spa & Beauty section shortly. 

Transporting the senses and the body is one thing, but a spiritual freedom is another. Through the many wellness classes that they offer, the ceremonies, the spirit is allowed to connect with nature and allow space to connect with yourself. One class I particularly loved was the Tibetan Bowl / Sound Bathing classes, Breathing Class, teaching the beauty and importance of a breathing practice, as an expanded lung capacity allows you to breathe more deeply, slowly and experience more ‘presence.’ Also loved the Meditation at their Labyrinth, gently guided by Olin, as he was incorporating sound healing as well as a chance for me to connect with my own inner self. 

One thing that was spectacular was the incredible excursions. One of them included a drive out to the farm, and awaiting me was a renowned chef with a gourmet five-course fine dining experience. A beautiful setting and awe-inspiring scenery with the volcano and corn fields in the background, this felt like I was in a movie set. As a group, we picked some of our foods that would be cooked by the chef and team in authentic, traditional methods with fire. We gathered blue, black, red, yellow corns – shucking them after plucking then from the stalks, then green plants that would soon be chopped into the sales. And, the sunflower fields were gorgeous and glorious! I gathered some up that were as tall as I was! 

The rooms were beautiful, the areas to relax and rest were plentiful, whether you wanted to sit and dine by the pool or on the rooftop restaurant or in the cafe underneath a palm tree that went through several floors to the open air. Every situation was stunning! 

The yoga studio offered aerial yoga, sound healing, and a zen environment perfect for melting further into a ‘vacation.’ I was feeling the effects of detoxing by the third day, and between the spa visits, the delicious healthy cuisine, and the spiritual / wellness components, I was feeling like a better and more refined version of myself. 

Whether you’re wanting to immerse yourself in wellness, steep yourself in culture or escape into a world of authentic mind•body•spirit offerings, this is a place I wholeheartedly recommend! What are you waiting for, pack your bags and I hope you’ll let me know how your experience is: hello@livegrounded.com

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