Healing the Chakras

With roots in Buddhism and Hinduism, the chakras refer to energy centers in your body and are usually depicted as wheels or disks. In contemporary holistic circles, the chakras have influenced many holistic medical practices such as yoga, Ayurveda, and some modern therapies.

Typically, the West follows the seven-chakra system which exists from the head to the base of the spine. Not only does each chakra have an organ or physical structure associated with it, but each is also ascribed with psychological and spiritual characteristics, along with associated pathologies. It is in the pursuit of healing that the chakras are considered and tended to by way of reinstating chakral balance. If a chakra is considered “low in energy” an individual may have difficulty expressing the particular qualities associated with that chakra. This is when we can turn to therapeutic methods, two of which are meditation and sound healing.


There are a plethora of meditative approaches, even practices that target unaligned chakras. Essentially, any form of meditation can benefit your chakras, especially if you focus on that chakra during your meditation practice. Meditating on an individual chakra would require you to focus on the emotional and physical areas that the chakra represents and influences. 

For instance, if you partake in a root chakra meditation, you may focus on the elements of said chakra such as security and stability. At an emotional level, you may want to connect with the emotional needs of interconnection and responsibility. Find spaces that help guide you into intentional meditative practices by browsing our curated list of properties that offer meditation and mindfulness practices here

Sound Healing      

Usually performed by way of metal or crystal singing bowls, this practice is used to deepen meditation and promote relaxation. Bowls not only vary in size, but can be placed around a room, around your body, or on your body. The production of sustained sounds and vibrations creates a feeling of trance-like relaxation. And according to an article published in Healthline, a 2020 research review of four studies found that singing bowl therapy helped improve mental and emotional health. Some of these improvements included the reduction of anxiety, depression, and fatigue. While you can easily purchase singing bowls online, increase the use and benefits of these remarkable instruments by browsing this list of properties offering crystal bowl classes here.

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