Delicious Organic Apple Oatmeal - A Classic!


If you like the texture of bread pudding and love the taste of oatmeal, we have a recipe for you! Adding your favorite milk, yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup will make this delicious breakfast comforting and the perfect go-to for a cool fall morning. 

Although oats themselves are delicious and healthy, the star of this recipe has to be the diced apple throughout. The baked apple pieces are soft and juicy with a bright, fresh flavor. Best of all, apples are amazing for our physical health. With an impressive list of phytonutrients and antioxidants, they provide vitamins, minerals, and support a healthy digestive system. Not to mention they’re low in calories!

We love the apples added into it, not only does it add delicious vitamins and nutrition, but it adds a sweetness all to its own! We love those grown from Starr Ranch® Growers and their Organic Gala Apples are perfect one for this recipe. We have been to their orchards ourselves, touring the grounds and meeting the farmers, and we just love the care and attention that goes into each apple tree, orchard and apple hand-picked! 

You’ll find the recipe at our sister website Farm Star Living, and we hope you have a chance to enjoy and indulge – you’ll be glad you did! 


  • Brenda ReynoldsPosted Jun 10, 20231:06 am
    cant wait to try my spin on your apple oatmeal dish....

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