Mary Blackmon, Founder, Shares The Scoop!

VIDEO: Meet Mary Blackmon, Founder, who shares the scoop on what you're in store for here at Farm to Wellness Retreats!


  • mayu fujiiPosted Jun 13, 202312:31 am
    Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I'll keep an eye out for your answers.
  • gate io rankingPosted Feb 28, 20236:53 am
    I agree with your point of view, your article has given me a lot of help and benefited me a lot. Thanks. Hope you continue to write such excellent articles.
  • Jance NelsonPosted Jan 28, 20236:15 pm
    Would love to be there in the sun
  • LAURIE ARNHEIMPosted Jan 26, 20238:56 pm
    I love Mexico! I'd love to visit the White Lodge!
  • John SpiresPosted Jan 22, 202311:27 am
    Amazing, sounds great Mary
  • TamaraPosted Jan 22, 20233:48 am
    Sounds wonderful!
  • Barbara NeuPosted Jan 20, 20232:20 am
    Wish I was pretty like you!
  • mary tharpPosted Jan 19, 202312:33 pm
  • Peggy Sue GrecoPosted Jan 18, 20239:56 pm
    Retreat looks wonderful and interesting. Wish you offered a giveaway trip.
  • Tamara WoodruffPosted Jan 18, 20234:31 am
    Wish I was there now!
  • Alice MorrisPosted Jan 18, 20231:23 am
    I need this for sure
  • Lori WilliamsPosted Jan 14, 20237:59 pm
    I am beyond ready!
  • Alice MorrisPosted Jan 14, 202312:15 am
    I need time alone
  • Brian WilhelmiPosted Jan 13, 20234:58 pm
    What a hottie
  • Glenda ToppsPosted Jan 12, 20237:28 pm
    This inspires my senses
  • Sandra CuffeePosted Jan 12, 20232:49 pm
    can not wait
  • Alice MorrisPosted Jan 9, 202311:14 pm
    I am all in
  • Amantha LongPosted Jan 9, 20236:38 am
    Sound nice
  • BambiPosted Jan 8, 202311:17 pm
    It would be so wonderful to be financially able to sustain optimal life health measures consistently throughout my life!
  • Melton McKinneyPosted Jan 7, 20239:56 pm
    I'd love to visit but it has to wait until the finances are better.
  • Sandra BeemanPosted Jan 7, 20236:22 pm
    Sounds delightful!
  • Carol MarshallPosted Jan 7, 20231:49 pm
    Healthy and tasty is for me!
  • Vicky VinerPosted Jan 6, 20238:10 pm
  • jeanette sheetsPosted Jan 5, 202310:45 am
    i sure could use
  • BobbiePosted Jan 5, 20233:41 am
    I'm ready to go
  • John SciarrinoPosted Jan 3, 202311:40 pm
    Sounds great
  • Alice MorrisPosted Jan 3, 20234:45 pm
    Just what I need
  • Vicky CarlsonPosted Jan 3, 202312:36 am
    Looks nice and peaceful!

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