Tease creates functional tea and botanical based essentials that support you to live and lead consciously through supporting intentional wellness rituals to create long lasting, positive impact.
All formulations are co-created in partnership with an ethical supply chain with inspiration driven by our Tea Sommelier & Herbalist. Benefit Corporations, or ‘B Corps’ are businesses that have been thoroughly vetted for the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility., and Tease Tea has been a certified B Corp.,which is the foundation for how they operate and grow. 

They say that the Self-Care blend is like a meditation, in a cup! Moringa is known to calm and connect the mind and spirit, and that’s the primary ingredient in this delicious blend. Also made with Moringa + Strawberry leaves, Orange pieces, Cinnamon, Dandelion leaves, Safflower petals, and is caffeine-free. 

The Chill-Out Cherry blend will help you to 'keep chill' when life starts to feel a little wild. Caffeine Free as well and tastes like soft, earthy notes of Ashwaganda root delicately balanced with cranberry and elderflowers with a wild cherry finish. Ashwaganda has been known to chill out the nervous system and support cognitive function, just what will help you relax and unwind! 



  • Gina MPosted Jul 6, 202311:12 pm
    This tea looks so cool!
  • AnitaPosted Jul 6, 20239:47 am
    I would try the chill-out cherry blend, sounds amazing
  • MariePosted Jun 28, 20234:09 am
    I would like to try tease tea !
  • Michelle BushPosted Jun 25, 20239:52 pm
    Would love to try this tease tea.
  • MariePosted Jun 15, 20234:19 am
    Chill out cherry blend for me
  • Cindy RuoffPosted Jun 15, 20233:41 am
    Would love to try the Chill-Out Cherry blend ~ sounds wonderful!
  • Deborah HarveyPosted Jun 14, 202310:37 am
    I want to try Tease.
  • CharmiainePosted Jun 12, 202312:52 pm
    Iced Tea is my go to in summer
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 11, 20236:10 pm
    Chill-Out Cherry is just what I need today!
  • Susan CampbellPosted Jun 8, 20231:39 am
    These would have been fantastic for day❣️
  • MarthaPosted Jun 7, 20238:32 pm
    Looks good
  • Fawn GeorgePosted Jun 6, 20236:44 pm
    We love Tea. I have an iced tea maker and during summer we would make a variety of tea. One had Licorice tea in it. Yummy.
  • RajeePosted Jun 5, 202311:19 pm
    Love this These sound great!
  • Lisa LawtonPosted May 31, 20238:32 pm
    This would be a perfect gift for my mom!
  • CharmainePosted May 21, 20231:56 am
    Summertime is a big tea time for us
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 20, 20238:27 pm
    Great idea for when I'm on the road.
  • Jack KellerPosted May 20, 20233:05 pm
    A bit pricy but I will try it
  • Jack KellerPosted May 19, 202312:34 pm
    When will this be available in stores?
  • Colleen DebsPosted May 18, 202312:30 pm
  • Jack KellerPosted May 18, 202312:20 pm
    Sounds like a great tea to help with stress
  • Jack KellerPosted May 16, 202312:34 pm
    I want to try the Chill-out Cherry Blend
  • Joan FrostPosted May 14, 20238:51 pm
    Would love to try the Tease Tea!
  • Sandra CuffeePosted May 14, 20231:40 am
    would love to try
  • Jill SeifPosted May 13, 20235:11 pm
    I'm a big tea drinker and this is something I'd love to have
  • Fawn GeorgePosted May 12, 20235:55 pm
    Wow, really want to try this. I take a supplement of Ashwagandha every day. We know it really helps with stress.

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