Want to be comfortable but the sneakers just aren’t quite cutting it? We get it – and that’s why we love Suggies! These shoes are stylish, and much easier on the planet, made for comfort craving modern women. Plus, they were recognized by Fodor’s Travel as being a top stylish travel shoe!

Made in the America's, Suggies has an ultra-cushioned footbed and flexible sole, both breathable and odor free, too! Available in nine fashionable colors, Suggies are made with less than eight components versus thirty in an average sneaker! Suggies are cut close to order, so it produces less waste and uses a stitched construction, which averts toxic glues therefore produces a lower carbon footprint. They also partner with an Italian tannery which holds a Gold Rating from the Leather Working Group for responsible tanning practices, so check out their bags as well! 



  • Lynn Marie DanielsPosted Jul 8, 20239:05 pm
    Paying for comfort, wish I could
  • MariePosted Jun 29, 20234:16 am
    So cute !
  • CharmainePosted Jun 25, 20235:18 pm
    Looks amazing!!
  • Ellen ThompsonPosted Jun 19, 20236:28 pm
    These look and sound really comfortable
  • MariePosted Jun 18, 20234:23 am
    Love these shoes!
  • DalePosted Jun 16, 20231:48 am
  • KATHRYN TEELPosted Jun 15, 20234:24 pm
    Looks comfortable
  • EmesPosted Jun 7, 20237:39 pm
    These look cute and comfortable!
  • JeniferPosted Jun 3, 20237:54 pm
    Wow! Look really comfortable!
  • CharmanePosted May 31, 20233:24 pm
    Love the look, would love to try
  • Thomas batangloPosted May 30, 20237:14 pm
    My sore feet are crying out for a pair of these.
  • Cynthia DPosted May 28, 20234:30 pm
    Look comfy
  • MariePosted May 28, 20234:53 am
    Looks so comfortable !
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 26, 20236:42 pm
    First on my list to buy are these shoes.
  • Jack KellerPosted May 25, 20231:49 pm
    Suggies rock!!!
  • Colleen DebsPosted May 25, 20231:11 pm
    What’s the price?
  • Sandra CuffeePosted May 22, 20238:12 pm
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 21, 20237:49 pm
    Love to know the price on these.
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 18, 20237:16 pm
    Wonder if they have these for men?
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 16, 202310:11 pm
    My flat feet would love these.
  • JeannieDPosted May 16, 20232:03 am
    Really nice products, but a bit pricey for me
  • Kelly M.Posted May 11, 20232:30 pm
    They look really comfy!
  • Suzanne LanouePosted May 11, 20232:50 am
    I wonder what responsible tanning practices are? The leather is still made from cows, right?
  • Cheryll PowningPosted May 10, 20236:45 pm
    Sluggies look so comfortable!

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