It’s important to take time out for yourself, and there’s nothing better than actually taking a bath at the end of a long stressful day – or a long flight! Try Bathorium’s Milk Mineral Bath Soak   to relax and chill out. They believe in ethically sourced, high quality ingredients, not using anything harmful or questionable. The Milk Mineral Bath is their most hydrating bath soak yet using creamy coconut milk, coconut Co2, and luscious oat milk create the base for this soak while light aromas of pure organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla envelop you. 



  • Rhonda WatsonPosted Jul 14, 20237:48 am
    Sinking into the mineral milk bath sounds wonderful!
  • GemaPosted Jul 7, 202311:09 pm
    The mineral milk bath sounds wonderful.
  • Sheila HutchinsonPosted Jul 4, 20231:12 pm
    This sounds divine.
  • MariePosted Jun 30, 20239:15 am
    Would love to try
  • Lynn DanielsPosted Jun 29, 20236:41 pm
    Great gift for others & myself
  • CharmainePosted Jun 26, 202312:58 pm
  • Teresa McKinnonPosted Jun 15, 20234:13 pm
    I have to try the mineral milk bath.
  • MariePosted Jun 9, 20234:07 am
    Sweet !
  • MariePosted Jun 8, 20234:21 am
    So many great products !
  • david russellPosted Jun 6, 20238:28 pm
  • Janet FordPosted May 29, 20238:38 pm
    Would love this
  • Colleen DebsPosted May 26, 20232:23 pm
    I don’t take baths
  • Sandra CuffeePosted May 25, 20238:05 pm
    sound nice
  • JeannieDPosted May 22, 202311:08 pm
    I always loved relaxing in a warm tub, but the house we moved into only has showers - which is a bit of a downer. I am always looking for a good skin nourishing product for the shower. Maybe this company will eventually come up with one.
  • LonnePosted May 18, 20236:32 am
    wow, always something new to try
  • MariePosted May 16, 20234:27 am
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 15, 20237:01 pm
    Looks kike a interesting experience.
  • Jennifer PhillipsPosted May 14, 202311:18 pm
    This looks fabulous!
  • Julie NelsonPosted May 13, 202310:49 am
    nothing like a bath
  • VICKIE J HEITMANPosted May 11, 20231:57 am

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