Dip into Wellness at Lake Austin Spa Resort

A secluded spa resort awaits you in the captivating landscape of Texas Hill Country. Only thirty minutes away from downtown Austin, guests at Lake Austin Spa Resort enjoy the luxuries of comfort and the warmth of genuine hospitality. Their approach to wellness is intimate, which is why this hideaway boasts only forty rooms. Personalized care, […]

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The White Lodge - Authentic Eco-Resort

Some destinations are posh and luxurious, offering every amenity and service you can imagine. However, some others are more raw, and ‘off the grid,’ offering a unique chance to have a high-quality, yet remote and incredibly authentic experience that allows you to be undistracted, grounded and live fully in the present moment.  Such a place that […]

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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

For so many of us, we tend to put ourselves at the end of a long to-do list, and we suffer the consequences. Career burn-out, overwhelm, anxiety, stress …. and so many of us can unfortunately relate to these emotions. I propose that we stop, take a deep breath and have a check-in with what we are really doing for our selves.

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