Jennifer Schlangen was horrified when she saw a sandhill crane with a cough syrup cup stuck on its beak, which prevented it from being able to eat. A beach lover, she was inspired to create her line of fun beach products that partially use upcycled ocean plastic and other post-consumer grade plastic waste.  Entitled EcoBeachie , these fun items feature a QR code which tells you where the ocean plastic was pulled from. 



  • Terri ShawPosted Jul 10, 20236:36 pm
    I I think this is fantastic.
  • Arthur OtsukaPosted Jul 5, 202310:14 pm
  • Sheila HutchinsonPosted Jul 5, 202310:01 am
    What a great idea!
  • Patti CooperPosted Jun 24, 20237:46 pm
    I love whats behind these products!
  • Mark ChadwickPosted Jun 22, 20233:38 am
    A great way to help save our planet.
  • Michael LawPosted Jun 22, 20233:29 am
    This looks great!
  • MariePosted Jun 21, 20239:08 am
    This is amazing
  • Patti CooperPosted Jun 20, 202311:25 pm
    Love the conservation put into producing the products
  • CharmainePosted Jun 13, 20231:35 pm
  • MariePosted Jun 13, 20234:26 am
    Love it
  • Suzanne DobbiePosted Jun 7, 202312:01 pm
  • MariePosted Jun 7, 20234:17 am
    Really a great idea !
  • Sean GoldenPosted Jun 5, 20236:05 pm
    We need Even More sea plastic recycling.
  • Jenifer GreenwellPosted Jun 4, 20236:54 pm
    I love seeing people taking care of our earth!
  • Gina MPosted Jun 4, 20235:17 pm
    That's cool that you can see where in the ocean it was pulled from!
  • justin orkinPosted May 31, 20235:42 pm
    Less waste! Love it
  • JeannieDPosted May 26, 20239:14 pm
    I think it is absolutely wonderful that people like Jennifer recognized a need to help our environment and its wildlife and actually did something about it. Kudos to this innovative person.
  • Jeff BradshawPosted May 22, 20239:03 pm
  • Shelby pPosted May 21, 20236:43 pm
    Love this!😍😍😍
  • Julie NelsonPosted May 17, 20235:30 pm
    we must protect our marine life
  • christine burdPosted May 15, 20234:09 pm
    upcycled plastic products ! good work!
  • Thomas BatangloPosted May 13, 20237:35 pm
    Never thought about anything like this before.
  • Colleen DebsPosted May 13, 20231:38 pm
    Ocean animals need to be protected
  • Gayle WatkinsPosted May 11, 20236:02 pm
    What a cool and fun idea!
  • Mark KrausPosted May 10, 20236:04 pm
    Good job
  • Gina MPosted May 10, 20235:08 pm
    This is amazing!

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