White Doe Inn

Manteo, North Carolina


Tucked in along the shores of Shallowbag Bay is the picturesque waterfront village of Manteo on Roanoke Island, home of the White Doe Inn, and the perfect destination to enjoy and explore the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Owners Bob and Bebe Woody along with Innkeeper Liz Myers, invite you to experience this incredibly beautiful bed and breakfast, located in this quaint coastal village.

The Farm-Fresh Twist

Cuisine is an essential part of the experience serving only the freshest foods, garnished with edible herbs and flowers from the Inn’s own gardens. Spa and yoga are offered to recharge and restore your spirit.

Activities & Features

  • Herb Garden / Garden
  • Oceanfront / Ocean views
  • Spa Services
  • Yoga

White Doe Inn

319 Sir Walter Raleigh St
PO Box 1029
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