The Ranch Malibu

Malibu, California


Unplug from your busy daily life and recalibrate the mind and body through our immersive, weeklong results-oriented health program in Malibu, California. Ideal for those in need of a vacation with lasting benefits, this retreat delivers sustainable results through a strict, “no-options” philosophy. Our program is based upon years of collective experience and observation, with ongoing regime adjustments to ensure the most weight and inches are lost in a safe and sustainable way. Limited to 25 guests each session, our highly knowledgeable staff tends to your every need and is trained in all aspects of fitness and rehabilitation to support and nurture while guiding you to achieve personal program goals.

The Ranch program and staff are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and sacred place to allow for personal awareness and life transformation; physically, mentally and spiritually. We believe that health is the ultimate luxury. Through a guided fitness regime, wellness support and properly calibrated nutrition, immersive programs allow guests to detoxify their bodies in a healthy, sustainable way, all while getting back to basics in nature. 

The Farm-Fresh Twist

Inspired by nature, artfully prepared, organic plant-based cuisine is a highlight for guests and a key component of results-driven approach to health and fitness. This is a fullly-immersed wellness retreat that offers a well-constructed approach to overall health and wellness. From 

Activities & Features

  • Crystal Bowl / Drumming / Chanting Classes
  • Farm On Premises
  • Farm To Table Cuisine
  • Gym & Fitness Classes
  • Hiking
  • Medical Supervision
  • Meditation / Mindfulness Classes
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Spa Services
  • Stress Reduction Classes
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Yoga

The Ranch Malibu

12220 Cotharin Rd
Malibu, CA 90265
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