Esalen Institute

Big Sur, California


Anchored by the inspiring beauty of Mother Nature and an incomparable intellectual history, Esalen is a place where you can take classes, immerse yourself in a retreat of your choosing, and learn skills and tools to either teach or to enhance your own life. The property boasts cliffside natural hot springs, an organic farm and garden, serene, rustic guest suites, and more, all set on over 100 acres along the gorgeous Big Sur coastline.  Esalen is a place to negotiate nuance, tangle with complexity, and sit inside contradiction while embracing the messy, imperfect practice of moving toward our highest humanity.

The Farm-Fresh Twist

The Esalen Farm & Garden is a holistic model of local food security and sustainability, producing organic food that sustains, heals, and educates the people who live at and visit Esalen. More than just a food source, the farm is a constant education in moving through transition and transformation. Our produce grows a mere 400 steps from where it is served, and we take advantage of a year-round growing season to produce as much as we can for our kitchen. We specialize in culinary and tea herbs, heirloom root crops, and every variety of kale and lettuce we can find.

Activities & Features

  • Astrology / Crystals / Tarot
  • Farm On Premises
  • Farm To Table Cuisine
  • Herb Garden / Garden
  • Hot Springs / Mineral Waters
  • Meditation / Mindfulness Classes
  • Mountains
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Oceanfront / Ocean views
  • Yoga

Esalen Institute

55000 Highway 1
Big Sur, CA 93920
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