The Boulders Resort & Spa

Scottsdale, Arizona


Restore your mind and body at our unique and unforgettable 33,000 sq. ft. spa oasis through the art of massage, the science of revitalizing facials, and other refreshing therapies infused with ingredients from the desert environment.

The Farm-Fresh Twist

Farm-to-table is more like desert-to-table. Using natural ingredients from its local environment, the spa offers unique services to inspire overall wellness. The menus feature classic American, south of the border, spa and southwestern-inspired cuisine – all made from the freshest ingredients and served in truly striking setting.

Activities & Features

  • Ayurveda
  • Farm To Table Cuisine
  • Herb Garden / Garden
  • Hiking
  • Meditation / Mindfulness Classes
  • Mountains
  • Pool
  • Spa Services
  • Yoga

The Boulders Resort & Spa

34631 North Tom Darlington Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
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