SingleThread Farm



SingleThread Farm is nestled in and amongst the Dry Creek Valley bringing 24 acres of biodiversity to wine country. It is undeniably fueled by and thrives at the hands of thoughtful farmers with a shared ethos to respect the land and practice responsible land management. Driven by nature and in stride with the seasons, we work the fields by hand to minimize our impact on the land. We strive to grow healthy soil to support a healthy habitat for future generations to come. We derive our inspiration from our chefs, fellow farmers, and friends around the globe. We grow hundreds of different varieties of culinary crops throughout the seasons as well as cut flowers with care and integrity. The result is beautiful nutrient dense produce, gorgeous flowers, and a strong and lively biological habitat. 

The Farm-Fresh Twist

At SingleThread Farm, guests can indulge in farm-fresh cuisine with ingredients sourced directly from the property's own four-acre farm. The restaurant's 11-course tasting menu is a highlight, featuring dishes that showcase the season's bounty and reflect the chefs' Japanese and Californian culinary backgrounds. The property also offers a variety of farm-centric experiences, including guided tours of the farm and greenhouse, tastings of house-made products like honey and olive oil, and cooking classes focused on using local and seasonal ingredients.

Activities & Features

  • Farm On Premises
  • Farm To Table Cuisine
  • Herb Garden / Garden

SingleThread Farm

131 North St
Healdsburg, CA 95448
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